We are handmade.

From start to finish. We make the clay, the glazes, and every piece that comes out of our shop by hand.  We believe in the maker and support other local craftsmen and women by only putting handmade in our shop. Our products aren’t mass produced somewhere far away, but made in garages, studios, and spare rooms around the country.

Supporting local and handmade.

It’s not a catch phrase, it’s a way life and a dedication to a craft.

At Red Bison Studio we trust in the craftsmen, the artisan, the small batch, and the handmade. We are driven to stay up into the quiet of night to perfect and chase the details that define the maker and their mark.

About the Artist

Stephen Mullins was born and raised in Wyoming. He received a bachelor of arts in Art Education, and bachelor of Fine Arts with emphasis on ceramics, sculpture, and printmaking. After teaching for 4 years, and slowly building Red Bison Studio out of his garage, he made the leap to pursue his passion for clay full time. What started as making pots in his garage after school and selling at local craft fairs, Red Bison Studio has grown to reach into all corners of the country and has been featured in over 30 retail stores and galleries to date.

In 2018 Stephen Mullins opened his first brick and mortar store in the heart of Sheridan, Wyoming’s historic downtown. Stephen now runs a production house and Community Clay Center during the day, and teaches community classes in the evenings.

Happy Customers

“This is my favorite coffee cup I’ve ever owned. It’s so beautiful that I plan on passing it down to my daughter. It’s simply lovely.” Dawn

“Beautiful Wyoming state flower mug. One of my favorites. I love the color and the simplicity of the design. Thank you, Stephen.” Jim Whalen

Hot Out of the Kiln

Blue Pattern and Black Canoes with Red Lines


Black Skulls with Red, White, Yellow, and Green


Bison Herd


community enrichment


We offer a variety of classes from a 4-week beginner wheel throwing class to fun Parent and Kid classes, Date Nights, Specialty Projects and we are adding classes all the time.

Check out our current class schedule!



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